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The Engineering Division supports the mission of the Department of Planning and Community Development, as well as other city departments, by providing professional services in the areas of Engineering/Surveying, Public Works Inspection, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Erosion and Sediment Control.

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General Goals and Objectives


  • Provide surveying, design, and contract administration for public projects.
  • Maintain and update tax parcel, street and utility mapping for the entire city and, as applicable for city holdings outside the city limits.
  • Administer and coordinate the city's site plan and erosion control plan review process.
  • Administer and enforce the city's Erosion and Sediment Control program.
  • Provide inspection services and permit-related studies for the city's flood control/water supply dams.
  • Assist other city departments with special requests.


Public Works Inspection:

  • Provide regular inspection on public infrastructure associated with private development projects, and project inspection on public projects.
  • Provide testing services for public water and sewer lines; administrate scheduling and documentation program for acceptance of such utilities into public ownership.
  • Provide administration and inspection for City Public Access Permit program.
  • Provide inspection and record-keeping for the city's Erosion Control program.


Geographic Information System (GIS):

  • Develop broad-based, user-friendly, time saving GIS and mapping applications for use by all departments.
  • Develop specific GIS applications for individual departments. Assist in development of application databases.
  • Develop an inter-departmental training program to provide for departmental GIS development and end-user applications.
  • Maintain GIS system and database links for city-wide applications.
  • Develop GIS out-sourcing such as Web access and customer kiosks.